Sunday, October 7, 2012

How Running Has Changed Me

October 6, 2012 was the 1st Blake's Bash 5K. It was also my 1st 5K. It was cold, mid-50's. I wanted to chicken out all week but I didn't. Cade ran the race also. He finished in about 31:31. He does not have an official time. He timer chip did not go off. The person in front of him and the person behind him had a time, so we guessed his time. My time was 47:24! It was the fastest 5k I have ran. I was excited that I finished. I was excited that my time was a Personal Record. I am most excited about how running has changed me!
                                                             My Race Bib & Koozi

I experienced an amazing feeling during the race. About mile 2 of the race, Brianna and Page came back and finished the race with me. They offered words of encouragement to me for the last mile. They are both freshman in high school. Bri was the Overall Female Winner and Page was the winner in her age group. It was so great to hear "I am so proud of you." from Bri.

This has been a personal journey for me. I started this journey so I could become a healthier person, wife, and mother. This journey would affect only Jeff, Whitney, Cade, and I. All 3 of them have been great! Cade has ran with me. Whitney has ridden her bike  and walked with me. Jeff has told me how great I look and how proud he is of me. I EXPECTED that from them. They are my family and that is what families do. Your family is your biggest cheerleader.

What I did not EXPECT was how my journey to become healthier would affect others. I never expected Bri and Page to run with me. I never expected for Greg (Bri's dad) to ride by on his bike during the race and say "Keep running steady". It is a great feeling!

I will usually allow my c25k app or nike running app to post on facebook. It is kinda like a diary or journal. I don't write a journal but I have always been really big on writing in my calendar/date book. Dr appts, sporting events, special occasions, etc. That is how I looked at the posts on facebook, a log of events. I never EXPECTED  to receive such  motivation from something as simple as someone liking or commenting on my running post.

Random and unexpected gestures can touch your life in ways that are unimaginable. I do lots of things automatically just because they are the right things to do. If I see a donation jar at a gas station and I have extra money, I drop it in the jar. If one of Cade's football teammates walks by after a game, I say "Good job, boys!" I have never really thought about how these actions will affect others until I have been on the receiving end of these actions. If Jeff and Cade had never been in their accidents, would I still drop a dollar in a donation jar? Absolutely! Would it feel the same? Absolutely Not! Would I tell the football boys "Good Job" after a game, if Bri had not told me "Good Job"? Absolutely! Would it feel the same? Absolutely Not!

Thank you Jeff for telling me that your are proud that I haven't had a coke since January 1, 2012. You know that it has been one of the hardest habits to break. Thank you for coming to the race. Thank you for your love.

Thank you Cade for setting an example of what true strength really means. Thank you for running with me.

Thank you Whitney for showing me how to sacrifice unselfishly. Thank you for always being honest when I ask how I look.

Thank you Bri & Page for coming back and running with me.

Thank you Greg & Stacy for teaching Bri how to treat others with kindness and generosity.

Thank you Brent for telling me I could not chicken out of running the 5k.

Thank you Logan for asking me to run with you in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you Allison for telling me in the grocery store that I was doing a great job running.

Thank you Sarah for your texts.

Thank you Fillip for telling me "You lost weight"

Thank you Kim for telling me that 47:24 is a great time.

Thank you Gayle for liking my running updates on Facebook.

Thank you Tricia for always being there with your camera.

Thank you HG Varsity Cheerleaders for clapping as I ran by.

Thank you Donna for commenting on my blog.

Thank you Jennifer for your messages and sharing your story

Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me, loud or silent!

I have used the phrase "It is better to give than receive" hundreds of times. Sometimes it has been jokingly and sometime very serious. I do believe that it is better to give than to receive. But for me, I never really knew the true meaning of giving until I was on the receiving end.

Listen to ME, Life...Thank You!

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  1. And you know what? I'm a better person for knowing you! Well done, Andrea, you deserve all this and more!

  2. I was there for your finish and it was awesome! You are one the most generous community-minded people I know. Always ready to help with a fundraiser and donating endless hours to various organizations! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you Amy. I did not see you. It was really great of Page to come back and run with me! I will never forget looking up and seeing her and Bri.