Friday, July 13, 2012

Did I really just do that?

Yes, I just did that. I cannot believe it, but I did. I hocked a loogie on the side of the road! It was completely gross but when you are running for 20 straight minutes, those type of things happen. You read that right, and I typed that right. I RAN FOR 20 STRAIGHT MINUTES!!!!!!!!! And yes, I really did hock a loogie. Don't tell Cade.

I have accomplished many things in my life, and I will accomplish many more. Finishing this run, was so empowering. I am so proud of myself and I cannot imagine ever forgetting this feeling. The conditions were not perfect. It was hot, cloudy, a little foggy, and humid with no breeze. I walked to the mailbox but came back home to change shorts. FYI, all Nike Tempo running shorts do not fit the same. The 1st pair I had on will have to become at home, in my bedroom shorts. Anyway, I was dripping with sweat and my running music messed up. None of this mattered, I felt great and the run was great!

With all this running and walking, I have been trying different styles with my hair. My hair is a little past shoulder length, thick, and wavy. Today, I did an upside down french braid. I started at the crown of my head, with my head upside down and simply started french braiding. I braided all the way to the end of my hair and fastened the braid. I then twisted the end of the braid and tucked it back under the braid.

                                                     Hair stayed in place and was cool!

Listen to ME, Life...I ran for 20 straight minutes!

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  1. Congrats on MOST of it! lol! Your hair is really cute for working out or even going out!