Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Why

The other day someone asked me if I was still running and I said "Yes, 3 times a week." The next question was "What made you decide to start running?" My answer, "I felt like a hypocrite, being a race director of a 5K and not being a runner."

How did I become a 5K race director? Because I am the moma of a very special and brave son.

On April 30, 2011, at approximately 6pm Cade was at his Papa's house. Papa lives behind our house. They were cleaning up the yard and burning thistles/weeds in the burn barrel. Jeff was spring cleaning around the yard and I was mowing. Cade reached over to throw some weeds in the barrel and the fire flashed or the wind caught the flames and caught Cade on fire. Papa started putting Cade out and getting him to stop drop and roll. Whitney ran to get us. Jeff made it there first and immediately called 911 requesting a CareFlight. Jeff spent 5 days in the Parkland Burn Unit April 21, 2010 after an accident at his welding shop. CareFlight, ambulance, and Volunteer Fire Departments were immediately dispatched. Paramedics estimated 40% of Cade's body had 3rd degree burns, including his face, back, both arms, and chest. CareFlight landed right in the pasture and the pilot/flight nurses went directly to the ambulance to check on Cade. Jeff was in the ambulance with Cade. After several minutes, they came out of the ambulance to say that the weather was  going to prevent them from taking off with a patient. It was decided that it would be best to take Cade to the local hospital to be stabilized then transported by ambulance. They had put a tube down his throat by this time and Cade was out of the excruciating pain. He was transported to Parkland Burn Unit in Dallas Texas. They estimated that Cade was burned over 35% of his body. He spent the entire month of May in the hospital. He was in the Burn ICU for 15 days, 5 days on the vent. He had 5 surgeries and skin graphs. Cade and I stayed at the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas for an additional week and a half for daily therapy. Cade had a weekly therapy appointment in Dallas for the next two months. Cade wore special garments and a facial mask until December 2011. He also developed a blood clot in his left thigh during his hospital stay. He was on the blood thinner Coumadin until the end of March 2012. No sports of any kind were allowed while on Coumadin.

Cade is the same sweet, active, joking, rotten, wonderful son that he was before his accident. He was able to run track and play baseball. The entire summer has been spent at Strength & Conditioning Camp and football camp. Football practice starts August 27th and the 1st game is scheduled for the 2nd week in September. He may have 1 more surgery to release a scar band that has formed down his neck.

The 1st event that Cade was able to attend after being released from the hospital was the SuperMAHAN 5K & KID FUN RUN. The 5K was started by Cade's science teacher, Mrs Jynna Duarte, to raise money to help with Cade's medical expenses, garments, mask, and travel expenses. Plans were made to continue the SuperMAHAN 5K as a scholarship program for a Honey Grove
Senior Athlete and a donation to a burn related organization. Mrs Duarte was not able to be the race director this year. I found out in April, 2012 I would have to become the race director. The 1st SuperMAHAN 5K was the only 5k that I had attended. What did I know about running a 5K race?
                                          Cade starting the 1st SuperMAHAN 5K & exhausted after the race! 
 I could research hundreds of 5ks but I felt like I needed a little firsthand knowledge of running. June 11, 2012, I started the Couch to 5K program. I have really, really, really enjoyed running. I had already started making lifestyle changes at the beginning of the year. No cokes at all, portion control, and not as many sweets. Now I am exercising 5-6 times a week, running MWF. I have lost about 36 pounds and over 18 total body inches (6 hips, 4 1/4 waist, 2 chest, 2 R thigh, 1 3/4 L thigh, 1 1/4 R arm, 1 3/4 L arm).

This was suppose to be week 8 of C25K. Instead of running my program, I decided to go out on a limb and run a complete 5k, no walking. It took me 63 minutes and was exhausting! I did not throw up but I felt like I could.  I still need more practice. My knee is a little sore today. I am walking for the rest of the week for 20 minutes, jogging 10 minutes, then walking another 20 minutes. I am starting week 8 next Monday. My 1st race will be September 23, 2012 at the Plano Balloon festival. My goal is to finish without stopping in 53 minutes.

My children and husband have inspired me in so many ways. I want to be healthy for my family. I don't want to put my children and husband through the pain of loosing me at 53 to a heart attack. Cade would have loved to run, jump, and play but could not for several months. In fact, several times he did things he was not allowed to do. I have no excuse!!!

The 2nd Annual SuperMAHAN 5K & KID FUN RUN was held July7, 2012 and raised over $2300. Although, I was a very fresh runner, I was a runner. Next year, I will be a 5k racer.

                                                    Cade & his friend Brianna after they finished the race

Listen to ME, Life...Thank you for a loving husband, healthy son and wonderfully understanding daughter!

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  1. Wow how incredibly scary! I'm so glad he is recovering so well and WTG running the 5K!

  2. He is so brave!! :) My daughter was born two months early and we stayed in the Ronald McDonald House as well while she was at Cook Children's! I absolutely love them!