Thursday, July 26, 2012


I knew that it had been a few days since I last posted something but 2 weeks...eek! Where did the time go? Once again, even though I have not been blogging, I have kept up my C25K program. Lots of things have been going on. Strength & Conditioning camp and football camp, dr appointments, school clothes shopping, weaning & selling calves, halter breaking show calves, birthday parties, just regular everyday life.

I know that I cannot make Life listen to ME. Obstacles are going to be thrown at me all the time. Life would be boring if I knew everyday what was going to happen. But I could use some smaller obstacles. Last Thursday, was Cade's burn clinic appointment at Parkland. Cade, Whitney, and I were going to make a day of it, and go school clothes shopping after his appointment. We left around 9am, stopped for breakfast, and leisurely drove to Parkland. We LOVE having to park and ride the purple Dart Bus from the parking garage, not! They smell and they are bumpy, and yucky, and just gross. We check in around 12:30 for our 1:00 appointment. The waiting are was very quiet, just a few people waiting, and no clowns. Cade hates the clowns that come over from Children's. We always see different  medical students, interns, residents. They are all very nice. Some have a great bedside manner and some you can tell are not comfortable just talking with the patient, medicine wise they are fine. The rehab med student needed some bedside manners. He was a book doctor not a people doctor. The burn med student was fabulous, friendly, talkative, and asked the right medical questions. They both looked at the scar band that is on Cade's neck. I asked about the surgery to release the scar band to both med students/interns. Then Dr Arnanoff, comes in to talk with us. He was the doctor that saw us that 1st night in the burn unit. I am sure that he is an extremely qualified doctor but I don't like him. It is hard for me to look at him in the face because all I hear and see in my head is that 1st night and him saying "This is a very serious burn and there is a chance that you son might die." My reaction was one of shock and I remember saying "I don't know what to say." Anyway, he says that the graphs look great, I bet Dr Sterling did these. Then he says that Dr Sterling left Parkland and went to Santa Fe. I was heart broken. We loved Dr Sterling. He was wonderful, talented, caring, compassionate, I cannot even begin to describe how Jeff and I feel about Dr Sterling. Then Dr Arnaoff says that yes he can do surgery on the scar band. It will be a z plasty, no graphs, and he should be able to play football in September. Minimal healing but it will be under general anesthesia and it always a risk whenever you are put to sleep. He says that he can book it in about 2 weeks. I was getting excited. Cade said "No I don't want to have the surgery." Talk about hurling the biggest wrench he could find into the works.

Cade has gotten use to the fact that he cannot turn his head and neck to the left fully. He compensates for that on the ball field by turning his whole body. He does not realize that he is turning his body. I understand that nothing will make Cade just like Cade was before the accident. I also know that his dream of playing football at OU is not out of reach. Being able to turn his head a few more inches, is still a few more inches. I also understand that he does not want to be in the hospital or have any more surgeries. A neighbor and friend who was also burned told Cade that this procedure is a piece of cake compared to what he has been through so far.  The football coach told Cade to get it done now. He said "Just think of how many more years of sports you have ahead of you. Do it now."

Anyway, the doctor said that ultimately it is your Mom's decision but I want you to be on board with that decision. So come back in 2 weeks and we will discuss it more. Our next appointment is August 2, at 1:15pm.

Listen to ME, Life, Cade, Doctors...the surgery will be scheduled!!!


                                        Cade at the All Star Game June 2012 Pin It

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