Thursday, July 12, 2012


I like numbers. I like being able to compare this year's numbers with last year's numbers.  I like dates. I like looking back in my planner and remembering that last year, Cade had a dentist appointment. Or that we went to the movies. Numbers and dates make me feel in control, in the little things.

I have a date coming up and a number in my life that scares me. September 23, 2012 is my 1st 5k and I am scared. I am scared of failing. My number is 20. Run 20 minutes without stopping, tomorrow. I have butterflies. Can I do either of these? Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes, I can! Yes, I will!

                                                     My super fast shirt with wings!!!

Listen to ME, Life...I am scared of failing, but I am NOT scared of trying!     Pin It

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